Terry Kath: Alive Again

Music has always been a soothing force in my life, from childhood until now. Even in the darkest depths of despair and even drug addiction the only thing that would calm me down was music. It can put me to sleep instantly or jolt me awake and nothing jolted me more awake than the guitar stylings of Mr. Terry Kath. The first time I heard his lightning bolt guitar playing I was hooked and it was exactly then that I decided to become a professional musician. Nobody played with more passion, more soul, more pizzazz than Terry. He could wake the dead with his guitar playing or put you to bed but either way make you feel good about it. He had a knack to always play the right thing for a song, without showing off for the sake of showing off, yet just slay you with his choices. His phrasing, his attack, the sting he put into every note. He sounded like no-one else but made you want to sound just like him. Of course, that's impossible as I've learned, but that's a great thing. Because the world needs to remember and recognize what a monster this guy was. When you hear great music, there is a phenomenon where you actually lean forward in your seat; to get closer to the music as it's happening or maybe to listen harder. Either way, nobody did that and does that, to me still like Terry Kath. It's astounding listening to the recordings he did some 40 to 50 years ago that sound so incredibly fresh, vibrant, stunning...ALIVE. And let's not forget about his singing. The guy was one of the most soulful and expressive cats ever. Color My World? I mean, c'mon. Do the millions of people who have graduated or been married to that song even realize why they're moved? He didn't even write that one! THAT'S how emotive and soulful Terry was. Every song he played, every song he sang, every solo he took was a call to arms, a siren, a statement that his life--your life--depended on him delivering. And he always did. I hear there's a documentary made by his daughter about him and I hope it sees the light of day very soon so the entire world.  Not to just a few obsessives like myself, but so all can see, feel and hear how great he was and remember him in the upper echelon of guitar gods where he so rightly belongs. For me he'll always be #1. And that's high cotton my friends because #2-10 are the Beck's, Hendrixes et al you already know (and some maybe you don't as well). Heck, my mouse pad for my computer is an image of Terry!! But you need to know Terry too if you already don't. Listen to this live version of the classic Chicago nugget "25 or 6 to 4" you've heard endlessly on Classic Rock Radio all these years and focus on the solo and try not to be blown away. Then do more searches on YouTube to check out more of Terry. The real crime is there's not more of this out there for us to absorb, enjoy and wonder at but it's time the wider world at large knew what we know. Dig and peace: Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 live at Tanglewood 1970

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