All Things Slide Guitar Podcast Episodes

Ariel Posen Episode #13  

This episode features Bothers Landreth guitarist Ariel Posen.  We spoke while I was in London and he in his new home of Ireland.  An extremely generous and kind person, Ariel spent a lot of time talking to me about all aspects of his approach and gear.  I hope you like it.  He is very active on Instagram and Facebook and posts new clips almost every day.  I hope you'll follow him and learn something.  Superb musician and human being.  Some clips:


Anderton's and the Captain meet Ariel


That Pedal show with Ariel


His YouTube page


Brothers Landreth Live

Jeremy Spencer Episode #12  

It was my extreme honor and pleasure to have one of my original influences, in fact the first man I heard play slide guitar, Jeremy Spencer to the podcast.  Jeremy is engaging, open, direct and very forthcoming.  Check out his slide guitar lessons online at YouTube below (starting at lesson 1) and enjoy the podcast.  Lots more to come in the months ahead so thanks for listening:

Jeremy Spencer slide guitar lesson 1


Jeremy's home page:


Jeremy Spencer official website


The making of his Norwegian made "Mona" guitar by Jan Ingar Kviesler :


Making of Mona


Jeremy's slides:


Jeremy's slides


Geir Sundstol Episode #9  


Welcome to another episode!  Thanks for sticking with me.  This time out it's the wonderful Norwegian slide-pedal steel artist Geir Sundstol.  One of my favorite players of all time.  Extremely innovative, creative and expressive player.  I've attached some videos I think you'll like and copied the tunings he sent me that we spoke about in the podcast.  Enjoy!

Duolian in G minor



With Nils Petter Molvaer

Buy music



National round neck , D-tuning (from low string) D A D #F A D (reg. 0.12-set 


National round neck, G-minor Eb G D G Bb D  ( reg. 0.12-set) 


National baritone square neck, C-tuning - C-G-C-E-G-C  (custom set:17, 22,30,42,52  ghs phosphorbronze ,an an Elexir  0.68 el. guitar string on the bottom. 


Pedal steel: 


E9 tuning - regular Boomers set. 


A9 tuning (same as above, just a custom baritone version) 


18 19 17 20  w26. w34 w36 w46 w56 w66 


Guitar banjo - D-tuning: 


12 15 18 26 36 46


Debashish Bhattacharya Episode #7  

We start 2017 with the incredible Debashish Bhattacharya, a very special interview for me as I have been practicing, and failing, to his music and videos for some time.

He is a true musical treasure and has a lot to share both musically and spiritually.

Here's some YouTube clips and a link to his school which we discuss:

Slide guitar school

Live at Vilnius

Raag Shudh Sarang

Asher guitars


Sonny Landreth Episode #6   

Last episode for 2016 is a doozy...Sonny Landreth y'all!!!!
Very inspirational and informative, Sonny has a lot to teach all of us about technique, style, tone, you name it.
He embodies all that is great, wonderful, mysterious and beautiful about slide guitar.  My chat with him was very illuminating
and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.  Happy holidays!  See you in January.

Sonny's Truefire video lessons:

Slide Supernatural

Slide Supernatural Blues

Some YouTube goodness:

Pedal to the Metal

Zydeco Shuffle