Geir Sundstol Episode #9 


Welcome to another episode!  Thanks for sticking with me.  This time out it's the wonderful Norwegian slide-pedal steel artist Geir Sundstol.  One of my favorite players of all time.  Extremely innovative, creative and expressive player.  I've attached some videos I think you'll like and copied the tunings he sent me that we spoke about in the podcast.  Enjoy!

Duolian in G minor



With Nils Petter Molvaer

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National round neck , D-tuning (from low string) D A D #F A D (reg. 0.12-set 


National round neck, G-minor Eb G D G Bb D  ( reg. 0.12-set) 


National baritone square neck, C-tuning - C-G-C-E-G-C  (custom set:17, 22,30,42,52  ghs phosphorbronze ,an an Elexir  0.68 el. guitar string on the bottom. 


Pedal steel: 


E9 tuning - regular Boomers set. 


A9 tuning (same as above, just a custom baritone version) 


18 19 17 20  w26. w34 w36 w46 w56 w66 


Guitar banjo - D-tuning: 


12 15 18 26 36 46


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